In transition…

The complexity of renewal

Professional individuals and organisations are facing an ever-increasing complex world. Future scenarios or ongoing crisis create urgency to act. An inaction is no longer an option, and action often provokes reactions. In this unfolding process, do you also have an eagerness to form clear insights and make sound judgements? Do you also feel the potency in being kind to each other and oneself?


Explore the space in between

In an ever-increasing polarising society, exploring the space in between can be daunting. I am offering a safe atmosphere to experiment with letting go of prejudices, guided by a healthy link between the feeling and the thinking. I am taking you on a tailor-made approach to cleaning up, showing up and growing up in the Anthropocene.


A digital and climate disrupted world

I am particularly keen to work in the fields of digitalisation and environmental disruptions. The developments in these fields, during our brief lifetime, will determine the faith of humankind and all beings on this planet. As a self-employed digital nomad, I work at the place that is the most convenient for the task and from the best constellation of collaborators.


The inner and outer journey

The truth can only be experienced. Empirical science has created a method to shine a light on universal truths and trumps dogmas. The pitfall is, however, to only validate experiences and change in the outer world. By looking inwards and experiencing the universal truths within oneself, I believe we can become real artists, shaping a life full of joy, peace and freedom.