Pilgrims Way in Brexitland

This year it has been the 3rd summer in a row that I was actively playing with the idea of cycling from London to Ghent, in one day. I felt that I was ready for it now. My naivety around the challenge has largely been dissolved and the conditions were good. Last week, on the 29th of June I made my first endeavour. But to be honest, the journey was about much more than the physical activity.

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The midnight blurred line

Spend an extended time in the UK or Scandinavia as a non-smoker and it’s easy to forget that smoke plumes once occupied our in-door commons. But in some countries where smoking is banned like Belgium, people systematically continue to smoke where it is prohibited. In 2013, one in four of checked bars were in violation with the smoking ban. Maybe the banning process wasn’t constructive enough or maybe the general public allows hard addicts to cultivate a culture of constant micro-renegotiation.

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Innovation by a Circular Economy – insights from the Resource Event

Last week, players of the circular economy gathered in London for the resource event. The circular economy is a reaction to the current linear model that goes from extraction to production, use and ends with disposal. It aims to create an economic model that benefits from keeping materials in use. The players come from diverse backgrounds going from design, academia, investment, policy making, resource management, material experts, manufacturing, branding, to experts in consumers interests. Here are some insights from the event.

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