#HackingBugs for autonomy

IMG_0938Something has gone lost in our society. To be honest, a few things are lost. We can not trust the so-called sustainable products, definitely not after the Volkswagen scandal. But also, our individual self-determination erodes bit by bit. Continue reading “#HackingBugs for autonomy”

How to become constructive with our commons and addictions

The midnight blurred line” questioned why we allow our commons to be destroyed and “Do we have the courage to face the realities of our time?” pointed out that maybe it is –addiction- that is blocking us from becoming constructive with our commons. This blogpost will look at what causes addiction and how we can become constructive from our destructive behaviour.

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Do we have the courage to face the realities of our time?

Addictions leave trails of destruction and need to be stopped and healed on time. On a small scale it is easy to identify an addiction. We can label it to marginalised individuals or a dodgy neighbourhoods. If we zoom out onto a larger scale it can be harder to recognise and acknowledge societal wide addictive behaviour.

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The midnight blurred line

Spend an extended time in the UK or Scandinavia as a non-smoker and it’s easy to forget that smoke plumes once occupied our in-door commons. But in some countries where smoking is banned like Belgium, people systematically continue to smoke where it is prohibited. In 2013, one in four of checked bars were in violation with the smoking ban. Maybe the banning process wasn’t constructive enough or maybe the general public allows hard addicts to cultivate a culture of constant micro-renegotiation.

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