Do we have the courage to face the realities of our time?

Addictions leave trails of destruction and need to be stopped and healed on time. On a small scale it is easy to identify an addiction. We can label it to marginalised individuals or a dodgy neighbourhoods. If we zoom out onto a larger scale it can be harder to recognise and acknowledge societal wide addictive behaviour.

The trails of self-destructive human behaviour are sensible on a planetary scale.

The shirt on your back

These are a few signs that we as a society are addicted to disposable stuff, cheap food and fast fashion. Sadly there are more obvious signs; Chinese smog, a broken ocean, the Aral sea reduced to a few lakes to name a few. We are destroying organs of the systems that make life possible. Maybe we should start questioning if -addiction- is what is blocking us from becoming constructive with our commons?

Nederlandse versie / Dutch version

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