I am self-employed to allow agility and growth in my life. But I like to offer robust services by working in collaboration. Here is a list of my long-term collaborators.



Collective of self-employed systems thinkers and coaches. shiftN helps changemakers imagining new futures, exploring new ways to work together, and crafting new strategies. ShiftN’s signature: finely honed systemic approaches for collective impact.

Interacting with the shiftN team from a supportive role and ad-hoc project-based research has been a source of inspiration and confidence for following an atypical career path for me. shiftN is my preferred platform to facilitate fully bespoke assignments.


Howest – Network Economy

Howest is the progressive University of Applied Sciences in West-Flanders offering a multitude of new professional bachelors. Network Economy was formed in 2017 to educate individuals towards network entrepreneurs with skills to make the transition towards a networked economy.

As a researcher, educator and coach, I have been involved in the start-up phase of the course. Mainly by researching and developing an integral coaching methodology for intrapreneurs. The research allowed me to deepen my knowledge on integral theory and the practical development lay a foundation for NLP coaching skills. The coaching methodology is currently being tested on a limited group of students. We are looking out for opportunities to broaden out the verification of the method.


C2C Platform

This long-term collaboration focusses on facilitating a circular economy. It was formed on my basis in product design and sustainability.

Working with a diversity of for-profit organisations and their supply chains on sustainability issues has honed my skills in judgement, critical thinking, coordination, negotiation, complex problem solving and service design. I am currently working on transitioning my clients between version 3.1 to 4.0 C2C certification standard.



Get in touch if you and your network see value in becoming collaborators.